Monday, 26 June 2017

Coming Soon!

The future is exciting!

The indie publishing scene is just exploding for SFF, and the energy is palpable. There are new literary movements growing everywhere, and from those movements are emerging some amazing new writers.

But more than that, the new technologies we have at our fingertips are triggering a revolution in publishing much as cheaper "pulp" paper and cheaper, more reliable printing technologies fuelled the explosion of the pulp markets in the 1930s.

More than ever, there's space in the market for new ideas and new voices - and that means there need to be plenty of dynamic new venues where the emerging writers can experiment and polish their craft. Where better than in the modern, digital equivalent of the pulps.

That's what I want to do with EXTANT! Here I plan to publish the most amazing fiction I can, both old and new. I'll be going back to basics, looking for exciting, energy rich stories to put in front of readers. And there are so many new authors popping up today that I'm sure the hardest part of my side of the job will be choosing them.

What an embarrassment of riches the modern era has brought us! What amazing new technologies, new ideas, new worlds for us to play in!

Are you an author with an urge to write something hard and fast and fantastic? If so, watch this space - soon, once I have all the pieces in place, I will be posting my first call for submissions.

What a time to be alive!


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    1. Thanks Louise! We have an amazing lineup for the first project coming which I will begin announcing in the coming days. What a time to be alive indeed!