Artists Wanted

EXTANT! is a modern pulp fiction imprint seeking artists who may be able to provide illustrations or design for upcoming projects.

If you are an artist who likes producing dynamic, adventurous work with a sci fi, fantasy, or weird tales vibe I'd love to see your work. Likewise, if you know of someone who may be interested either point them at me or point me at them.

Seeking proposals and portfolios for:
- cover art (preferably colour)
- cover design
- interior art (b&w)

EXTANT! issues will be thematic - see the bottom of this page for examples. Examples of work that capture the theme of a project in progress will likely capture my attention more easily (since this is my immediate need) but I'd rather see your best work than something shoe-horned into what I'm looking for right now.

Important: What I am doing at this stage is building a list of artists whose portfolios suggest we're on the same wavelength. When EXTANT! goes live for submissions for Issue #1: The Black Mirror in the next few weeks, I will be in touch with some of those artists to either purchase items from their portfolios or commission work. I may not be able to buy your work this time around, but if I like what I see I may be in touch for later projects - and you can be certain I'll be passing your name around to others.

General guidelines:

1. Is something happening? Is something at stake? - I'm looking for art where something is happening, where there is a sense of crisis point, where I'm compelled to imagine what happens next. Still life, landscapes, and portraits are unlikely to inspire me no matter how well executed.

2. Is it right? - I am looking for art which evokes an immediate sci fi, fantasy, or weird fiction vibe. If it doesn't have some kind of fantastic, supernatural, or super science element it's not likely to interest me. I'm not looking for gore or explicit sexuality. Nudity is fine but sex is likely to be a hard sell.

3. Is it ready? - It may be some time before I have the budget to commission interior art based on specific stories. I'd love to see your portfolio of unsold work and if I like it take it off your hands. I would prefer to avoid asking for adaptations, as I know that often doesn't go well - but if you have a piece you think would work with a bit of additional work and are willing to do that work then I'm willing to look at it.

4. Is it available? - I know you like to eat. If you know you can sell a piece for more elsewhere I won't hold that against you. But let me know if a piece you're showing me has already been sold, or if you're holding it with the intent of selling it elsewhere. I'm happy to see it if you think it's a good example of your work, but let me know if it's not actually available. Showing me work you've done and already sold is actually a good idea: if you can tell me how much it sold for it will give me an idea whether I can afford to

pay you what you're worth.
I look forward to seeing your work!


Some examples of illustrations that are in the wheelhouse:,320_.jpg,WeirdTales.jpg,PlntS.jpg
Project examples
EXTANT! Issue#1 coming soon
"Weird Americas" - adventures past, present, or future that revolve around some element of mythology or occult history of the Americas, with a focus on Central America and the US South.

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